All the news that’s fit to blog!

It’s been awhile since my last update!  Lots of new things to check out on the website, including photos and video clips of recent performances!  The Mikado was tons of fun in October, and covering one of the Flower Maidens in Parsifal at Lyric was a fantastic time.  After that, the busy Christmas season came and went quickly, and I especially enjoyed working with conductor Paul Agnew in the Music of the Baroque Brass and Choral Concerts.  January brought the final Bach for the Sem, in which I sang the soprano solos in the final section of the Christmas Oratorio, Access Contemporary Music’s Vanishing Point concert, chorus work in Mozart and Handel with Music of the Baroque, along with outreach programs for high schools under MOB as well.  February isn’t slowing down with recital preparations for my performance at Rock Valley College on February 28, and learning Laetitia in Old Maid and the Thief and Geraldine in A Hand of Bridge for the end of March.  Glad to be busy, as it helps keep my mind off the frigid weather we’ve been enduring in Chicago!  Looking forward to a vacation someplace warm when all the singing is done.  🙂


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